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Standard Software

As a complements for our software, at Nemosoft we work with some products that are supplements for our applications or help our development and systems departments.


Any of our apps have the option of transfering data to a Contawin Office. IslaSoft is one of the best companies at the national level when speaking about software development and Contawin is the flagship of the company.

Caja Pack ContaWin

The first Windows accounting program. The first that offered Office compatibility (everything that the accounting program does can be exported to Office and work with the data from Excel, Word or Access).

Contawin offers probably the best user interface of the market for this kind of applications: in few hours you can start to use the application.

The help system is really good designed. As well as the manual, some short explaining-videos are offered in order to explain the basic concepts. Moreover, an Annual Maintenance System exits, which is offered by IslaSoft itself.

More information at the IslaSoft website.

Panda BusinesSecure with TruePrevent Technologies

Caja Pack del Software Panda

A solution specifically suggested for small and medium companies that have a network composed by some workstations connected to one or more file servers.

More information at the Panda Software website.