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As well as our software, and with our Systems Department’s and Projects Department’s help, NemoSoft offers a number of services, with the aim of giving an integral assistance to our clients.

IT’s consultancy firm

Consultancy firm aimed at supporting the definition of how to invest and integrate components in the IT infrastructure, so that the IT helps to achieve business goals. By understanding better the IT infrastructure, the client will get the potential to identify opportunities to increment efficacy, business value and growth, achievement of higher incomes and obtaining savings in operating costs; just as for the efficient application of the technologies.

Informatic Safety

Includes consultancy work dedicated to the definition of Security Master Plans, Risk Maps, Security Policies, Preventive Security Plans, Contingency and Business Continuity Plans, and Business Plans associated with Safety solutions.

Process Improvement

Consultancy firm in the field of organization and processes, cost management, supply chain optimization, management of information and knowledge, application of technologies as a tool for business improvement and excellence, process mobilization, management control, evaluation of the capacity of organizations to face up processes of change and outsourcing of processes, functions and systems.

SMA (Annual Maintenance Service)

This service offers the maintenance of all your systems at a reasonable price

Networks, Servers y Equipments

The systems departments of Nemosoft also installs networks of any size: from a small local network, for two or three, to big networks with rackable server and 42U server cabinets; or mixed networks with wireless access points.

If you wish, we can also certify your network.

Everything with wiring in conduit, with telephone and power outlets and following all the safety rules…

We also advice you in the acquisition, installation and maintenance of your informatic systems.


NemoSoft was born in 1986 as a training center.

Nowadays we impart training courses for companies that have shown interest in our software. As we work with companies from diverse fields, we have a good knowledge about the training needs of each sector.