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Customer Support Service

Online Technical Service

Click Here As our support staff indicate, click on the following button to start the online technical service. In the following screen you will find detailed operating instructions.

Do not click on the button if you previously did not receive instructions of out staff.

Customer Support

We are constantly improving the customer support quality. For this reason we need your collaboration and we ask you to contact us by e-mail in order to propose suggestions, modifications or any proplem or doubt that may appear.

It represents an important benefit for both parts:

  • Helps communication and allows more information to be offered.
  • E-mail communication does not interrupt the working activity of out clients, neither ours.
  • E-mail communication is more complete than a telephonic conversation, as a single e-mail can explain in detail your petitions and you will receive a more elaborated answers.
  • There is no place for bad interpretations and it is recorded in writing.

In order to communicate with our customer support service, the 365 days of the year, write to the following address:

Please ALWAYS write to this e-mail address instead of a particular one, as this will avoid problems or confusions if the receiver is not available to meet your request.

The customer service phone hours are from Monday to Friday, from 8:00 to 15:00.

Change Control

If you need to make any change do not forget to fulfill your written request. Remember that we will not accept, neither perform, any kind of change if we will not receive an e-mail requesting it previously, with the signature of the petitioner. The confirmations and delivery times that are given by phone will be from the date of receipt of the e-mail.


At Nemosoft we provide different rates according to the requirement of each task, as long as there is not an annual maintenance contract and/or the task is not specified in that contract. The following table contain the current pricing:

Engineer €/h
Ingeniero 128.24
Technic / Programmer 67.36

For habitual clients with annual maintenance contract, a 20% discount will be applied to the rates above.

Service Review 2023

In Portugalete, the 10th of October, 2022.

Unless there are special situations, the price will increase 10% for all customers with annual payment in the next year 2023.