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NemoPilots is our ERP application for pilots corporations and associations.

NemoPilots was created in 2002 as a desktop application in Access 97 and has evolved to our new cloud solution in SaaS model.

Thanks to NemoPilots the situation of each ship in the port can be controlled, through a graphic and totally intuitive interface. There are screens of expected departures and arrivals, so we can always know easily the estimated workload we have.

Moreover, the application allows business assets management: duty shifts, holidays and layoffs, vehicles, installations, pilotage boats. This helps to carry out the management of preventive and corrective maintenance actions to be applied to each asset.

You will always be able to know the amount owed to bill to each of the consignees or shipping companies, thanks to the billing module. In addition, the billing is done in an automatic way and remittances of receipts for the bank are also generated taking into account the specifications of each client. The application also allows sending bills by e-mail, grouped in consignments, and manages the charge of bills.

The meteo module collect real time data from standard sensors or from our own fabrication ones, using IoT(Internet of Things) technologies and from international collaborators. In this way, it is possible to obtain a real-time photograph of the weather, tide and flows conditions, and use this big data in order to study dangerous situations, incidents or accidents from the past.

For this purposes, the recording module can also be really helpful, as it records and stores telephone and VHF real-time conversations, matching them with the tasks in progress, the ships and the services on land involved.

The combined power of the AIS module (more than forty AIS stations installed in the main Spanish ports) and the bathymetry, seabed types, maritime signals and other navigation aids, port asset inventories (docks, bollards, cranes, installations...), tide gauges and tides of the IHM make possible a safer navigation.

Considering this information, the preparation, publication, implementation and modification of the Passage Plan is a very agile and practical task.

NemoPilots is commercialized in this modules:

  • SaaS

    With a very low implementation cost, the solution can be installed in a single week in most ports. The solution would be hosted on our servers, so excellent security, confidentiality and business continuity parameters are guaranteed. The service would have a monthly cost depending on the complexity of the solution

  • In the clients installations, have the key solution on hand.

    The software would be installed in the clients server, by a software cession license. The cost would include an annual management for the distribution of new versions and the system management (is it is wanted).

You can obtain more information about nemopilots in the products website: