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Geographic Information System

Ten years after his birth, thanks to his godfather, the first Compaq tablet-PC TC1000 (what times!), NemoGIS has grown and has his own website:

NemoGIS is our Geographic Information System. Even if at the beginning it was thought for the management of the green zones, it can be applied in any other business that needs an easy tool for the management of the information in a map.

This tool was developed taking into account the characteristics of the tablet-PC, thus, it is ideal for doing field work (stocktaking of vegetal elements that a city has and their maintenance…).

NemoGIS is intuitive, as everything in our software, so an inexpert user would understand the program in just a few hours, unlike other Autocad or Microstation developments.

mapa NemoGis


  • Easy management of the program, similar to a conventional drawing tool with diverse polygons, lines and marks, all of them associated to an object with its own properties. The objects are placed in the map, clicking with the digital pen. The shapes are drawn on the map in the same way.
  • Flexibility: The properties of the objects are totally definable by the user, as the own objects.
For example, you could define an object “streetlight” with some specific properties: “type” which you could obtain by a list of streetlight types defined by you, “type of bulbs it uses”, “year of installation”, “status”, etc…
  • Any kind of statistical information is obtained from the objects located in the map, being able to lump together lower entities (streets, parks), high level entities (areas, neighborhoods) or the entire city.
  • Plans and maps are external to the application, so they can be easily placed.
  • Field work hours are reduced, as once it has been realized, it is not necessary to translate it into an computer tool, (moreover, it is time of qualified staff).
  • It manages the vehicle fleet that make maintenance, allowing their real time location or their tracking of any historical moment. With the GMAO module (Computer Aided Maintenance Management) it is possible to manage some preventive and corrective maintenance operations of the vehicles, their consumption, carry out an annual maintenance plan...
  • Since 2016 it includes a determinhabit of the more common trees, bushes and flowers in Europe. Therefore, the staff with little experience can realize the field work directed to the species classification and recognition.
  • Irrigation management with own irrigation programmers that connect directly to nemoGIS using the cloud. They have been designed using Internet of Things technologies.
Imagen NemoGis parque Imagen NemoGis especies