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Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

NemoCRM is our Customer Relationship Management application. At the beginning it was designed for a telephony distributor, but it can be adapted in any company in which the commercial management and the sales force control is an important necessity.

Some of the main functions of the application:

  • Access to the system by passwords.
  • It imports Euskaltel’s commission and consumption files.
  • Advantages for the telemarketing.
    • When calling a client, it is always known how many calls and visits the clients has received and who did it. Duplication of calls in the same campaign is avoided.
    • Callback management. If it has not been possible to contact the client, the callback can be managed in a predefined period of time: no database register is lost.
    • Control of the no preselected prefixes
    • It allows to manage lists. (A list can be a campaign, for example). Lists can be exported to an external EXCEL file. For each list, it creates efficacy statistics: number of registers, contacted registers, registers from which an appointment is obtained, final sale registers…
    • It allows the management of the sales agent’s agenda in a visual and intuitive way. The app also allows up to 100 commercials.
    • Real-time statistics about realized calls, appointments obtained, sales achieved by telephone, clients pending of a recall…
  • Advantages for the commercial department.
    • It prints daily roadmaps for the commercials, and commercial files about the clients that each commercial is going to visit.
    • It allows to introduce roadmaps of each commercial at the end of the day. Those include a valuation of the appointment (S-monitoring, V-sale, C-cancelled by the client…) and comments about it.
    • This data is presented daily to the commercial director in a structured way and gathered in an unique screen.
    • Diary and weekly statistic about each day’s sales.
    • SMS module. Possibility of making a real-time sale valuation, by a SMS that the system understands. (The commercial will send a SMS when the appointment is finished, with the result of this) Possibility of searching the availability of an article in real time.
  • Advantages for the company’s management.
    • Automatic calculation of commissions to get paid by the operator and commissions to get paid to commercials.
    • Statistics about each commercial’s and each operator’s efficacy (number of calls per hour, number of appointments reached, number of daily sales per commercial and the quality of those, number of tracings and evaluation of the monitoring of each commercial…)
    • Stock control.
    • SMS module. Possibility of receiving in one or more mobile phones, a SMS with daily results.