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For groups that are used to the mobility, NemoSoft offers solutions based on short messages for mobile phones or pocket computers, netbooks or tablet-pcs.

In this way you can receive the information in the space and time that it is produced, saving costs in staff, avoiding input errors, and gaining agility.


Against all odds, SMS has been reveled as one of the most profitable systems for operators and the public’s favorite.

Currently, we offer M2M (machine to machine) standard solutions, integrated in our NemoCRM, NemoTPV and NemoPrácticos products.

The NemoSMS solution was initially developed for a sanitary network and allows sending warning messages to health personnel and receive standardized answers to these messages, producing the retry in case of no response and notifying unresolved cases to a supervisor.

With NemoSMS remote control, it is possible the on/off and control of machines, electromechanical devices and access to offices or the interrogation of company databases using SQL statements. This is done using a command interpreter similar to MS-DOS


For applications that require complex field work, that need to transmit a large amount of data or in which bidirectional communication must be more fluid, we offer solutions on iPhones, PDAs with Windows Mobile or on latest generation mobile phones, starting from very affordable base prices.