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NemoSoft. Software engineering

The best way to improve your productivity, controlling your costs

Since our beginning, more than thirty years ago, at NemoSoft we have understood that the user is the most important part of a computer system; that technology is not The Thing, it is the thing that takes you to The Thing. Based on this principle we have created all our applications.

Maximum information without sacrificing an easy use

Our programs are based on a simple menu, seven or eight options at most. Each option takes you to a main screen from which you have an overview, a big picture. This screen allows you to control everything related to this concept. Our applications are not oriented to make the users believe that they do many things; although they really do (Vizcaíno is the iron that I order you, short on words, but long on building works), but in such a simple and intuitive way, that sometimes the power of our products is not perceived.

Thirty years of training experience

NemoSoft was born thirty years ago as a training center. That is why we know the needs of our users, since we deal with dozens of them daily.

From the beginning we see the problem from the different points of view of an organization and, based on this, we create applications that are easy to handle and save administrators’ time. Moreover, they are an essential tool for decision making, not only through a tidy presentation of the input data and an elaboration of these, but even reaching a solution proposal, based on Artificial Intelligence and mathematical techniques.


At Nemosoft we know they are not two clients with same needs.

Each one has diverse problems and we should give a personalized answer to each ones problems.

Thus, our application design system is based on several easily adaptable standard modules and some new modules. This allows us to build applications quickly, reducing development time. As a result, fully customized and very flexible solutions are obtained.

And the price?

When we started developing applications at Nemosoft, one of the main problems our new clients noticed was feeling blackmailed by their software providers, since it was impossible to modify the system within reasonable prices and this was the only solution.

At NemoSoft we are aware of this: our programs are mostly developed in Python, PHP and Java. The databases are open and the structure of data is fully understandable (and explained) for any user of these systems, so that it is easy for anyone outside NemoSoft, your own staff, for example, to develop new functions that can complement those carried out by our applications.

This makes our prices more competitive than in most software companies.